Big String Ai - Pass your string of data then ask it a question.

Use our free to use service to easily implement artificial intelligence with your day to day business needs.

Easy to use REST API
Use your own GPT 3.5/4 API key
Free API Requests (while we are in beta)
Questions & Contexts are not stored
Lightning fast
Response times are everything. Our API is among the fastest you will find in the industry.
GPT 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 enabled
Customize the API to use different open ai models. Simply pass in the key and model you wish to use.
Easy-to-read REST-API
Big String Ai provides well structured JSON endpoints that allow you to integrate our api within minutes.

Features & API Endpoints is the perfect api to upgrade your business.
Our Api allows users to pass large amounts of text containing information
you want to ask questions about, summarize text, translate text, etc.

VAR "question"
The question you wish to ask the ai after its ingested the context you give it.
"question": "Why did we do so well in the 3rd quarter?"
VAR "webhookurl"
The webhook url of your own endpoint where Big String Ai sends the response to.
"webhookurl": "https://ENDPOINT-WHERE-WE-SEND-THE-ANSWER-TO"
VAR "aiapikey"
Your Open Ai Api key.
"aiapikey": "sk-?????????????"
VAR "bigstringapikey"
The api key you get when you create an account on
"bigstringapikey": "77777777"
VAR "context"
The context you wish the ai to reference when you ask it a question.
This can be a big string with no limit where we chunk parts of the context to the ai until the it has received the entire string.

Start using our Big String Ai today!